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DevelopSXM is a trailblazer in sales and marketing consultancy on the island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten. We specialize in bridging the gap between offline and online realms, offering innovative solutions in print advertising, dynamic QR code marketing, and digital art promotion. Our commitment to advancing the cultural and technological landscape of SXM drives us to deliver future-forward strategies that amplify your business.


At DevelopSXM our mission is to revolutionize the sales and marketing landscape of St. Martin/Sint Maarten. We are dedicated to blending cutting-edge digital strategies with traditional marketing techniques to create a unique and impactful presence for businesses and artists on the island.

Our vision is to be the leading force in nurturing a vibrant and digitally-forward community in SXM. We aim to elevate local businesses and artists, showcasing the rich culture and innovative spirit of the island to a global audience.


DevelopSXM stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity on the island. Our unique approach combines the allure of St. Martin/Sint Maarten's culture with advanced marketing strategies, bridging the gap between traditional charm and digital sophistication.

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Innovative Solutions

Dynamic QR Codes

Digital Art Promotion

Focus Magazine SXM magazines
Focus Magazine SXM magazines
ScanSXM QR Code
ScanSXM QR Code

Print Advertising

The St. Martiner Logo
The St. Martiner Logo

Specializing in captivating print advertising, we bring your brand to life in the pages of FOCUS Magazine, SXM's premier art and culture publication. Our tailored ads are designed to capture the essence of your business, connecting you with a diverse and engaged readership. Prices, Distribution List.

FOCUS Magazine

In partnership with ScanSXM, we offer dynamic, unique QR code solutions. These aren't just codes; they are gateways to interactive experiences, blending innovative design with practical functionality. Perfect for bridging your online and offline business presence on the island.

Proudly promoting 'The St. Martiner', a local digital artist, we bring the vivid colours of the island to the digital realm. Our marketing strategies are crafted to highlight the artist's unique vision, connecting their digital creations with art enthusiasts and collectors globally.


The St. Martiner

FOCUS Magazine Logo
FOCUS Magazine Logo
Happy Clients

"Raymond & his team are rigorous, organized, responsive and have a very good spirit of initiative. Extremely motivated to carry out their missions and was able to obtain results quickly. A pleasure to work with."

Agathe & Raphael, FOCUS Magazine SXM

FOCUS magazine on the beachFOCUS magazine on the beach
St Martiner MontageSt Martiner Montage
Goats! The St MartinerGoats! The St Martiner
ScanSXM LogoScanSXM Logo

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